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How Much Memory Your Application Wastes?

Due to inefficient programming, modern applications waste 30% to 70% of memory. HeapHero is the industry's first tool to detect the amount of wasted memory. It reports what lines of source code originating the memory wastage and solutions to fix them.

Android Memory Leak

Android mobile applications can also suffer from memory leaks, which can be attributed to poor programming practices. Memory leaks in mobile apps bare direct consumer impact and dissatisfaction. Memory leak slows down the application's responsiveness, makes it hang or crashes the application entirely. It will leave an unpleasant and negative user experience.

Java Memory Leak

A Memory leak is a type of resource drain that occurs when an application allocates memory and does not release after finish using it. This allocated memory can not be used for any other purpose and it remains wasted. As a consequence, Java applications will exhibit one or more of these non-desirable behaviors: poor response time, long JVM pauses, application hang, or even crash.


One common indication of a memory problem is the java.lang.OutOfMemoryError. This error is typically thrown when there is insufficient space to create a new object in the Java heap. There are 8 flavors of OutOfMemoryError. Each flavor of OutOfMemoryError has different causes and solutions.

Memory Regression

Sometimes the latest version of an application might be consuming more memory than the previous version. You need to analyze what are the large objects residing in the memory? Where is it being created? Where is it being held up? Answers to all these questions can be found in Heap Hero's Heap Analysis Report.

Memory Hogs

Wrong data structure choice, created but unused data structure, overallocated and underutilized data structure, suboptimal data type usage (i.e., using 'long' instead of 'int'), data duplication - all these can easily waste 30 - 70% of your memory. Heap Hero's intelligence report helps eliminate these memory hogs.


Universal Memory Analyzer

HPROF Viewer and Analyzer

HPROF is a simple command-line tool that captures CPU/Heap profiles to identify performance bottlenecks in applications. By default, this tool writes the captured profiles to a file with '.hprof ' extension. HPROF file may contain CPU usage, heap allocation statistics, heap dump, thread stack traces and monitor states. It can be either in binary or text format. Heap Hero is a powerful tool to view and analyze HPROF files.

Universal Memory Dump Analysis

Heap Hero, a universal tool that will parse and analyze heaps dumps written in any language that runs on the JVM. It will convert Java, Scala, Jython, JRuby heap dumps to useful information to optimize your memory usage.

Brilliant UI

Reliably and quickly fix your memory problems through a precision single-page view of your heap dumps. View intuitive data display of heap histogram, largest objects, and memory leak suspects with a concisely brilliant interface.

Free Service

Our award-winning heap dump analysis tool is offered as a free service. Our tools help you to fix memory leaks, OutOfMemoryError, memory regression, memory hogs and any memory-related problems. All this power at your fingertip for free.

Android Memory Analysis

Android is the world's largest mobile platform. Heap Hero can parse and analyze the heap dumps generated from any Android devices. Heap Hero's deep learning algorithms can report memory leak suspects and objects wasting memory.

Online Heap Dump Analysis Tool

Heap Hero is the world's first and the only cloud-based heap dump analysis tool. Registration, download, or installation is not required to use the tool. Just upload your application's heap dumps & review the beautiful reports instantly.


Android Memory Optimizer


Heap Hero has built the industry's first and only REST
API to analyze heap dumps. Stop manually uploading
and analyzing heap dumps. Instead, analyze heap
dumps from all your JVMs and Android devices in a
programmatic manner through HEAP HERO's REST API.

Deep Learning

Our award-winning deep learning algorithms have the
intelligence to detect memory leaks and isolate the
objects that are causing the memory leaks. Save time
spent on diagnosing the memory leaks. It's all done


Heap Dump files consume a lot of disk space, making
it very hard to share and collaborate with the team.
HeapHero provides shareable URL links to heap dump
analysis reports, making it a breeze to share and
collaborate heap dump analysis with your fellow


Heap Dump Analysis Tool Beauty to the Beast

Analyzing heap dump doesn't have to be a tedious job. it can be fun, and it can be 'wow'.

Optimize Memory

Memory Hogs

OutOfMemory Error

Detect Memory Leak


Our Services


We have optimized hundreds of open source and enterprise applications. Please take advantage of our battle-fought experience. We can either come on-site or provide remote consulting services.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Java GC Tuning is made to appear as rocket science, but it's a common sense!

There are 7 options to capture heap dumps. jmap tool under <JAVA_HOME>\bin folder is an effective option. It can be invoked using the command:
jmap -dump:format=b,file=<heap-dump-file-path> <process-id>

We parse multiple heap dump formats. But still, we keep uncovering new formats of heap dumps. If you can email your heap dump to, we will enhance the tool to parse it.

This article walks you through various options and steps to capture android heap dumps.

Yes, the tool can parse binary and text format of heap dumps generated by both Java and Android platforms.

Of course. Here are sample heap dump analysis reports generated by Heap Hero:
a. Sample Report #1
b. Sample Report #2
c. Sample Report #3

Yes, you can install this tool locally so that you don't have to upload the dumps to our servers. Please see the pricing for this plan. You can register here to get a free 14-day trial of our products:,,

If there are questions that you are looking for, please contact us at

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